List of publications

I’ve actually managed to convince a couple of people to publish some of my bad poetry. The first one was The Traveller, which was published in Itch (issue 16) in March 2016. They also used my photo “Moment/Step” as the cover of the issue, so that’s pretty cool or whatever.

Also, Enclave published Confessions of a Mirage in Slow Motion, a prose poem about the end of the world. Here’s an excerpt; to read the full thing, head over there.

“In a time before this time the windows spoke to me of great glass igloos at the end of the world, filled with light and warmth to battle the creeping cold. And I felt safe, and I felt sorrow.”

– excerpt from Confessions of a Mirage in Slow Motion

Then, Entropy published a prose poem called Revolution Borne Cold as part of their series “The Birds”. To be honest, sometimes you write something and you’re not sure what it is until it’s done, and even then the only way to describe it is through the words that are on the page. That sounds so damn pretentious, but I wouldn’t say it unless I meant it. Go read it. It also comes with a lovely photograph called “Feeders”.

“Innumerable tremors shift the air covering every inch of the blind desolation I wrote on the back of a dung beetle on its way home from the war. Birds do not fly here.”

-excerpt from Revolution Borne Cold

After that, I ventured into the local publishing scene with some Afrikaans poetry. Roekeloos published two of these, including one I wrote after the death of my grandmother, which you can read here: PadkaarteDie Strop is somewhat more direct about its subject matter, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself. Along with that, my lonely as fuck photo “Verlore soos” (“Lost as”).

dis ‘n argiewelike ding
die kru kreukels slegs leesbaar
as jy reeds verstaan
(wil verstaan, verstaan het)

– excerpt from Die Strop

In September 2016 I got my first print publications in Stanzas and Poetry Potion. Both contain the poem Apologia, while Poetry Potion also published the companion poem Consolatio. It’s strange that print is still so exciting when so much is digital these days, but I was genuinely thrilled to get these journals in the mail.

hoeveel keer
kan mens rou
voor die wond
rou (gepas)
nie meer diggroei nie

– excerpt from Consolatio
Stanzas no.5, with Apologia insert

Full list:

“Seasonal Love”, Poetry Potion (March 2016)

The Traveller”, Itch (16: vivid) (March 2016)

“Confessions of a Mirage in Slow Motion”, Enclave (June 2016)

“Die Strop”, Roekeloos (June 2016)

“Revolution Borne Cold”, Entropy (June 2016)

“Religion” and “Neurowar”, Five2One (July 2016)

“Padkaarte”, Roekeloos (August 2016)

“Apologia”, Stanzas no.5 (September 2016)

“Consolatio” and “Apologia”, Poetry Potion no. 10 (September 2016)

“La Femme Obscur”, Itch (18: character) (October 2016)

Some art and photography have appeared in journals elsewhere, most of those are listed on the Art page.