Quantum Mirror

Climb the summer sun party bus
let me tell you about the time
I drew a line in the sky
;          with pure intention
tore through tartarus, purgatory,
glimpsed the elysian fields
 .       bright crystal starlight
in pure unadulterated context
grazed the moondust of the weaver
and wore the cloak of persistence
on the sandsnake’s back
 /       sacrosanct           anathema           vagrant
a fugitive in a land of outcasts

let me tell you about the one
who tied the sun to her feet and jumped
:          such great passion
burned onto the soles of Chronos
!          electric           erratic           titanic
ran all the way to the end and saw only more
{      of the same haphazard composition
burned it all down and burned herself with it
and fell through to tartarus to play the underdog

let me tell you about a dream
where the seam of the sun came undone
and the red-hot ice of the blacksmith
#          tumbled starfall
@%&*      eclectic           vivid           neon
from nowhere in particular
,,,      to nowhere really at all
and the ash-green eyes of the maker
gazed at it and smiled
  )      and gazed on

fall the autumn wind party train
let me tell you about a memory
in which the moon hums a tune
§        and I whisper a melody
the blind black blue mistress carries the bass
singing a song lost to everything but us
and the leaves brushed the remnants of the footpath
  ˜    and the moon hummed his melody
and I whispered my song

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