What am I doing here?

Welcome to my experiment with failure and openness. Historically, I have very little experience with either of those things, partially because I kept myself away from any possibility of coming into contact with them. Frankly, the results haven’t been overwhelmingly positive.

This is my take two. I have never published my creative work because I’m terrified of these two things: failure, and openness. I am an emotional fortress. On this blog I want to overcome those two things together by sharing things that I have written, of which many are deeply personal (any many are not), and by documenting the process as I buckle the fuck up and submit those babies to fancy publications whose names I’m not sure I can pronounce. It’s going to be painful to watch, I promise. Also awkward. Have fun!

Peeing Man
Predicted level of awkwardness

Disclaimer: If you know me and you think a poem/piece is about you, it’s not, unless it is, in which case you should move on and pretend this never happened. Unless it’s a sexy poem. Then it’s definitely about you.

All the images on this blog are mine unless they are attributed to someone else.

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