These days I feel like everything I do
is an act of remembrance, a conscious
decision to greet everyone who
might think I owe them an apology.
Like Beth, who wanted a favour, and
thinks we’re now even. No, Beth,
now you owe me one too.
Please, don’t cry at my funeral.
It’s a tough act to keep it all together
when you’ve got it all figured out
but not in the way you’re supposed to.
My five-year plan is to reduce CO2 emissions
drastically by reducing my oxygen intake
and maybe also the use of my car.
My two-year plan is to grow a tree,
preferably one with thorns.
There is no way to say sorry
that will accurately convey my deep sympathy
for our loss. I can only say that if
it could have gone some other way
I’m sure it would have. But at least there’s this:
these days I tend to forget the bad memories
and care less about the bad people.
I’ll take only the good with me.

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